2014 Ding Dong Days Fun Day pictures

The 2014 Ding Dong Days Fun Day, September 20, 2014 at Memorial Park offered music, munchies, and a lot of other family oriented fun stuff. Here are 13 pictures from the event.

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  • JOE5155
    Three intrepid rock climbers show their stuff.
  • JOE5163
    This rock climber makes a dramatic landing.
  • JOE5171
    The prize for this round of the cake walk was an "Earthquake Cake." It looks yummy. Turns out, the young man admiring the cake won it.
  • JOE5184
    The champ. He "ate the whole thing."
  • JOE5193
    A vendor tends to their offspring.
  • JOE5194
  • JOE5195
    Hogs and Santas here!
  • JOE5200
    The Junior Eating Champ shows off his winnings.
  • JOE5203
    Folks, this is a serious "Bobba-cue."
  • JOE5206
    After the meat goes in the smoker, relaxation is the name of the game.
  • JOE5209
    More meat in the smoker. More relaxation.
  • grill
    The Road Kill Grill lemonade was right on time
  • JOE5220
    Folks, it don't git much more southern than this. American flags, winners flag, sweet tea, lemonade and a youngster with a "basket" of sumpin' fried. (Please forgive the gratuitous colloquialism, it just seemed correct).