Bass fishing at Dumas-Pendleton

bass breaking water
The "bigguns" are at
Dumas Pendleton

The Dumas-Pendleton pool on the Arkansas River is legendary for the size and quantity of bass caught. The area continues to be one of the most productive on the river.

In fact, in most bass fishing circles when bass fishing on the Arkansas River is mentioned, the Dumas-Pendleton area comes to mind first. It seems there's just something about our water those lunker bass like.

As the proof in the pudding, for the last two years, the first place winners in the Arkansas River Big Bass Bonanza landed their prize bass in the Dumas Pendleton Pool. To make things even better, here in Dumas we are bass angler friendly.

2013 Arkansas Big Bass Bonanza winner caught in the Dumas-Pendleton pool.

Jonathan Swink of DeValls Bluff, Arkansas won the grand prize of $50,000 in the recent 2013 Arkansas River Big Bass Bonanza for a 6.63 pound bucketmouth he dragged out of Coal Pile in the Dumas-Pendleton pool of the Arkansas River. This is the third year in a row the winning angler caught the prize fish in the Dumas-Pendleton pool.

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The Dumas Bass Club

Dumas Bass Club members actively support and participate in the sport of bass fishing. They conduct a number of club and open tournaments during the year. They are always glad to hear from other bass fishing enthusiasts.

Nearby camping

If you want to try your luck in these highly productive water and want to camp, The Pendleton Bend Campground is close by and has a lot to offer. It's just nine miles from Dumas. For additional campgrounds in the area, click here.