Dumas Voices Matter: Statewide Survey

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Ahead of the U.S. Census survey, the USDA Rural Development REDI (Rural Economic Development Innovation) initiative will conduct a 5-week survey that allows anyone in Dumas who desire to make recommendations and to add their voice to a survey of key questions regarding needs and desires in Dumas and communities across the state will begin circulation. The short but concise survey has been compiled by Communities Unlimited under the oversight of the USDA REDI Directors along with help and input from the Dumas REDI Leadership team. Communities Unlimited, is a community development organization that is assigned to provide technical assistance under REDI to support rural towns and regions in Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas and to create and implement economic development plans. Dumas is the lead city for Arkansas.

As a part of a national program, the opportunity for Dumas leaders, elected officials and Dumas residents to take the survey and share their ideas about what Dumas needs and desires begins Tuesday, March 3, at the Dumas Chamber meeting. It continues with an ‘all day’ distribution at the Dumas Community Center on Super Tuesday. The survey can be completed in 5 minutes or less and it can be turned in anonymously or persons can leave in their information to get notified of the survey results.

Beyond March 3, the Dumas REDI Leadership team and persons who desire to volunteer to get it out, will be doing so at various distribution points across the city. From churches, businesses, community meetings, the Dumas Public Library as well as online, this survey will be included in the Strategic Plan for the REDI grant due in September. Its purpose is to assure the community that every voice can be heard and programs and plans for Dumas/Desha and all of Arkansas are all inclusive.

For information on the survey or how to get copies please call 501.683.8555 or email allofdumasunited@gmail.com. 

Click Here to Take Survey!