COVID-19 Update and Precautions

Hello everyone, 

Just as an update to what is happening in Dumas as precaution for spreading or attracting the COVID 19 virus.  Of all things said and done, according to health specialists, three things seem to be most effective:  soap and water for washing hands, plain Tylenol for mild fever, headaches, or symptoms of a cold; decongestants are good.  Clorox mixed with water in a spray bottle to wash a down an area.  Do a small area at a time and use paper towel and dispose of it.  Use your home thermometer to check your temperature after being in the public.  Social distancing is key!

For emergency symptoms – shortness of breath or chest pain , call EMS and doctor.

The Chief of Police has set in place measures for his building and workers.  EMS has in place guidelines for his workers and has made some schedule changes.  Ashley at Delta Memorial announced measure for the hospital and clinic.  The court has also taken precautions.  Businesses, agencies, and other entities have guidelines in place.  Of course, the school system and churches are taking precautions.  The best remedy seems to be carefulness and awareness.  All department heads reacted immediately without being guided or instructed once the Governor made his directive.  I appreciate them taking immediate responsibility for their area of supervision. 

At the City Hall,  inside traffic is slow. Citizens have been asked to use the drive thru window, call in concerns and complaints. They can pay water bills on line, by bank draft, or use a credit card.  Street and Sanitation workers have been advised to wear gloves, masks, sanitize and be careful.  Only trash or garbage in bags will be dumped.  If persons put open trash in waste containers, the containers will not be emptied; they were made aware of this policy earlier.  Right now everything is moving smoothly.  Procedures will change as conditions changes.  Your comments are welcomed.

By now everyone knows we have one confirmed person in this area.  I talked with the health official this morning and was told once one is identified there will most likely be another one.  The key again is once you feel sick, check yourself out before exposing yourself to others. The 10 day quarantine is still the timeline.

Since we have a weekly newspaper it is hard to get information out to everyone so you can help by forwarding this information.

Shelly and I will create a Facebook page to keep citizens up to date on truthful information.  This page will be continuous not just for the immediate time.  This page can be updated quickly and as often as needed; not so for the city’s web page.  If you have facts that we need to share send them to us.

Mayor Simon